unwrapping techniques


I’m trying to figure out how to unwrap a model for uv mapping. From what I understand, is that you unwrap the actual mesh. and use that as the uv map. So I’m just wondering how some of you guys go about it. Is there a techique I’m missing so that you don’t have mess up the actual mesh?

You don’t have to touch the mesh, just the UV coordinates. You can move around the UV coords in the UV window, so they are in a better position to recieve a texture. There are a few methods of accomplishing this, and once you get your UV coords layed out how you like, you can use theeths UV export script to make a template of the coords, that you can use to paint your texture with in a paint program.
<edit> btw BgDM is making a UV tut that should be out soon.
<edit> also, I made a basic one that you may want to try,…probably on this page, or the next one back,…it was on top of the pile just yesterday.

Hmmm that’s not quite what I ment. My problem is that how do I go about unwrapping the uv’s so that the whole head or what ever the model, is on a single planar surface.

Well, you can get some options, by going into face select mode, and hitting ‘U’ which will give you a menu for your unwrapping options. Also you can use UV mapper classic, a free UV unwrapping tool that works in obj format.

yes, because my (literal) unfolding technique is a bit painful


z3r0d: Great tute. This method works very well for simpler models, such as game models.

For more complex models, like a high poly head or character, this method would be very cumbersome.


Ah perfect exactly what I was needing :smiley: