Unwrapping UVs trouble


I’m new to blender and Im trying to unwrap a revolver magazine I made in 3dsMAX. I have attached the file. Please show me the technique you used if you are able to unwrap it correctly.I keep getting a weird projection. Revolver_Blender.blend (523 KB)

One quick option, I’m sure you can refine if further

Revolver_Blender.blend (524 KB)


Thanks man, much appreciated!

Thanks for the reply. What projection did you use? I tried cylinder projection and got this. If I use cylinder projection in Max, it comes out fine like yours. How did you manage to project it correctly?

I hope my last question shows.

Apply the seams and U / Unwrap. In the unwrap properties (in toolshelf or F6) use the Angle Based unwrap method

Thanks!!! that worked perfectly. Does Blender have a UV rescale cluster like 3dsMax? this tool basically rescales all UVs selected to uniform texel density.

You can rescale islands