unwrapping with automatic seam

if i have a really really complicated mesh which i’d like to unwrap to after be able to bake the render on it, how can i say to blender to do that without needing to mark every single seam by myself?

if i dont this, blender adds all the polygons into a single triangle, and the texture i put on it’ll be repeated lots of times…

i dont care where blender puts the seam, what is important is that he creates me a complete “map” on the mesh, where to bake the render…

how can i do that? thank you in advance for any help :smiley:

I think you should use smart projections. It doesn’t create seams, but it does figure out logical places to break the mesh, and gives very good results IMO. It is in 2.49, IDK about 2.5

See image for how it handled a simple character mesh, you can clearly see the t-shirt and the legs and the face.


wow, thank you! it is exactly what was i looking for!!

another quick question: how can i set, when i bake on a texture, to add a bit of OSA effect to the texture, like we do in render not to see all the pixels, but to see it a bit more smoothly??? thank you again :smiley:

guys, someone can tell me how to do that? thanks :slight_smile:

come on, please, it that so difficult? thank you :smiley: