unwrapping with LSCM for a new user

i need to uvmap a model, i have no time right now to try all blender features but i wanted to just give a try to the new unwrap sistem, anyone can help me on how to import and manage to do that?

i have an intermediate 3d knowhow…

(i have not time right now beeing in a deadline and the new unwrap look time saving)

thank u

brief description of LSCM: basically you define “cutting” edges on your mesh (in edit mode, select vertices that make up edges, press CTRL+E). if you lay them out properly, the unwrapping method unfolds the geometry pretty nice. its easy to imagine (at least for characters and such) if you think of a (dead) animal. how and where would you cut it’s skin to have separate, unfolded pieces of leather? define those cuts in your geometry, and LSCM will do the rest.

after assigning cutting edges, leafe edit mode and enter face-select mode (“F”). select all, press “U” (for unwrap menu) and choose LSCM. change a view to an image window (SHIFT+F10) to see the unfolded UV’s.

hope that helps.


perfect answer i just tried and it works perfectely on the monkey face mesh…

now i have just the prob i cannot see my imported mesh(i tried importing in wings, 3ds, and obj all exported from wings)…i just cannot see the mesh in the space…

i need just to get used to the blender selections and workflow pretty apart from the other soft :slight_smile:

thank u

A little plus:
To define scale, orientation and “critical” zones you can “pin” UVs in UV editor. Drag them where you want them and launch LSCM again. (E_KEY in UV editor) LSCM will let the pinned UVs where they are and build solution around it. Note: if you use pinning you have to pin at least 2 UVs for every island to gat a clean layout.

just my 0.02 euro


Maybe the scale is different between your model and the default blender scale? Maybe try selecting all and scaling up heaps, scaling down heaps, or zooming in or out. I just tried importing an OBJ that I exported from Wings and it worked perfectly :confused:

Make sure you haven’t accidentally switched to a different layer to the one that you imported to (info on layers at the bottom here: http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/x943.html )

great tip, i tried it and perfectely worked.

well actually i tried with some basic mesh and the import from wings was working so suppose is a prob of my edited mesh; right now i just created a cube and “combine” the cube to my mesh…and for some strange reason it seems to work now in blender


here is my first uv in blender thank u guys, now i want to learn better about blender, where can i find the uptodate documentation about thsi last version?

thank u again, will post my other tries


I don’t get well this “pinning” stuff: in the UV editor, I grabbed and dragged away some vertice and did a E-KEY again, but the solution given is the very first one, i.e. Blender moved the vertice I grabbed back to their original location. How do you do pinning exactly? Only by draging a vertex and/or by a key-combo for marking it as “pinned”?

Any case, thank you very much to BM and blendix for all your work on the UV features of this release. They are really great!


Select the UVs you want to “pin” P_KEY ( or in UV editor menu “UV–>Pin” ) pinned UVs show up red (by default) in UV editor. ALT+P “unpins” selected.

hope that helps

Oh! :expressionless:

I totally missed the UVs menu in the UV window and was solely relying on the short-cut keys… Sorry about that.

BTW, could you please give me explanation/reference about Stitch and Limit Stich (perhaps it doesn’t have to work with LSCM unwrap because already implemented in the LSCM solution???) ? I can’t understand the purpose nor the use of it. Sorry if it has been explained before, somewhat I’ve missed it…