Unwrapping Workflow Question


(PaintGuy) #1

Hi, my question is about workflow for UV’ing and adding a material to a model.

  1. I have modeled a leaf and I have painted 4 materials in one “leaves.png” image.
  2. I want to open the "leaves.png image in Blender Cycles and then unwrap and fit the model to fit the texture.Do I create the material first or open the “leaves.png” image first etc.

I remember seeing a tutorial on unwrapping where the material was opened in Blender and then the model was made to fit the material.
but I don’t know the proper steps to do this. If someone could please explain or provide a link to a tutorial I would really appreciate it.


(icyou520) #2

You need to do both, in edit mode unwrap your mesh, then go out of edit mode and create your material, put your “leaves.png” image into your diffuse/principled shader, if it is not lining up correctly you will then need to go back to edit mode and move around the UV’s until the image looks correct to you.

(PaintGuy) #3

Thank you so much. I followed your instruction which worked but has led me to another question.