I’m trying to unwrap the selected faces, but it doesn’t want to work at all.

I’ve read over and over again a tutorial, but still it doesn’t do it. Obviously i’m missing out something.

I marked the seams.

I selected all the faces in UV Face Select mode.

I pressed U, then ‘Unwrap’. Nothing happens.


Can anyone help me?

What is the problem? Could it be that my seams are wrong?

Appreciate any help.

You have to have an UV/Image editor open. You can change that side window when you see the whole body into a UV/Image editor window.

sorry? I don’t understand.

Split your 3d viewport into two , then change one into a UV Image Editor. After unwrapping, you should see the uv layout there.


thanks very much.


unfortunately i have this. it doesn’t look right, does it?

i’m following a tutorial. it is showing the UV image on the right hand window (UV Image editor), however I can’t get this to show. i just loaded the uv image, and it only appeared on the left hand window.

as well as that, you can see where i have put the pins. have i done anything wrong? as you can see, there is something not quite right.

is this just a case of adding more pins?

appreciate any further help.

edit: also, is there any way to undo changes? for example, undo-ing my unwrap.


worked out how to ‘fix’ the problems i had above.

unfortunately, i have a new one.

when trying to save the UV face layout, i get a python script error.


i do these settings.

any help?

For some reason, I can’t do LSCM unwrapping. When I press U it’s not in the drop down menu. Could it being that I’m using 2.45?

it will just be called ‘unwrap’ .

i think anyway. i’m still using 2.44

Thanks. Oh yah I meant 2.44 too. Has 2.45 even come out yet?

Take a look at this tutorial. It might help.

Enj, what about telling us what the error is?

Turin Turambar: yew 2.45 is out. No new functions whatsoever, it’s a bug fix. :wink:



fixed that. when i unclicked ‘object’ box or so, it saved.

but now, completely new problem. sorry about this…


how does it come out like this? they have no resembelence at all.

the left is the exported UV face. the right is the actual thing i’m exporting. (in the image link).