This is a little hard to describe, so I apologize if it gets convoluted, but it’s a pretty basic thing.

Sometimes when I have a new mesh (think the default cube) and I unwrap all the faces without assigning a texture, in the UV/Image editor each face will be placed on this like, grey-grid background, perfectly aligned at the corners. This grid seems to represent the coordinates of any texture image I might put on later, so since each face covers the entire grid, each face will thus cover an entire image when I add one later.

However, this effect (where each face gets the complete image) will go away once I’ve been working with my mesh for a while, especially once my model starts getting complicated or I’ve unwrapped with seams marked or tweaked with some of the UV shapes.

My question is: how do I go back to that initial state, no matter how complex my mesh gets or how much tweaking I’ve done with my unwraps? The reason I ask is that sometimes my unwraps get really messy for something that is really pretty geometric, and I don’t want to have to go back to each individual face, unwrap, then fix all the vertices if it didn’t unwrap into a perfect shape.

To illustrate, here’s a screenshot of what I want to be able to do with any mesh:

Basically every face overlaps the rest, each using the full space assigned to the texture.

Thanks for any help you could provide, this has been one of those things that’s been bugging me and I’ve been working around.

Hm. No suggestions? I thought it’d be one of those things that’s such a basic concept that it’s glossed/skipped over in tutorials, but I’d like to make use of it for certain textures if I can figure out how to get it to this default state.

There is a reason for that. Delete all the UV Texture layers and then add a new one.
F9>mesh>UV Texture.

Or Edit mode > U > Reset

Hope this helps

Perfect! Unwrap > Reset was exactly what I was after. Thanks much.