Up to date currently active Unbiased render engines

I know about:

  1. Luxrender

  2. Mitsuba

Does anyone know of any more extremely advanced cutting edge render engines for Blender ?

Can I say Yafaray when you use path tracing ?

Sure when was the last update ?

About 1-2 weeks ago, Irradiance Cache.
Before that, 11.05.2013 was Yafaray 0.1.5 update.

Thanks, how ever is seem its still much more beta software and and sppm crashes.

For me, Yafaray 0.1.5 (no irradiance cache) 64bit works fine, no crashes. Win7 Ultimate 64bit. Its my job render engine (especially SPPM).

Lux, Mitsuba, Appleseed, Cycles, Arnold, Maxwell, Indigo, Thea, and many, many others. It’s a hotbed of activity right now.

Thank you but does the commercial software really have blender support ?

I am mainly looking for Open source render engines.

There you go. Happy browsing.

That’s a nice list but it appears very outdated.

And what facts make you say that?

Appleseed, Maxwell, Indigo, and Thea all have official or semi-official support with Blender. There was also a BtoA project a while back for integrating Arnold with Blender, and I hear whispers every once in a while about some news on that front in the near future.

If they are making a plugin for Blender to Arnold it would be from a third party group. I think Arnold (SolidAngle) is targeting the more
mainstream software like Maya,MAX,XSI etc.

Free software for non commercial use is a requirement, paying big money for a hobby is nothing im willing to do.