UPBGE 0.2.5 Animation Issue

Sorry the spamming question, but i can not explain the my problem. sry again…
//first, i using translate, sorry for the misspellings//
i working a project with 0.2.5 version of upbge and i have a problem for playing animations.
when i playing an animation, my character making crazy moves.

my .blend file is here =
(i can’t add this questionnaire…)

my property system is work this shape:

  • When the user presses the “D” key, the “animState” variable becomes “Walk”.
  • When the user releases the “D” key, the “animState” variable becomes “Idle”.
  • I opened a new “State” and said “Property” sensor and “Walk” play the Walk animation.
  • Else, playing Idle animation.

help screenshots =

  • Property by named “animState”
  • screenshot of my system =
    Keyboard and setting property values:

  • Detecting the property and play animation:

Can anyone tell me how to fix this???

Mostly, the reason is, that the mesh was not applied in rotation and scale (Ctrl+A) before parented to the armature. Also, mesh and armature zero point should be the same when parenting. Scale, position and orientation should be zero on every involved object.
I noticed, the animation is 180 degres rotated than the zero pose. I don’t know if thats the reason, or if it can be fixed afterwise without destroing the animation. By the way, they look awesome.
Actions actuators have also a priority value. This may be interresting.

but i applied rotation. not worked on me not know why this problem creating… @Doc_Holiday

Scales and rotations in parent-chains can cause into problems. You have plenty. Also huge movements/rotations in one Frame. Maybe this 180° flip to the zero pose. There are some stumbling blocks, i see. You should eliminate every reason, one by one.

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ok bro. i deleted xwyz quentitation of animations and problem was fixed. thank you so much…