UPBGE 0.2.5: Rasterizer increases when a room is entered and a sound is played

When the player transitions from an area with a few models placed (rasterizer at about 25%) into a room with also a few models (it increases to 30%) the rasterizer will eventually increase to about 70-80% every sound that is played (footsteps, doors, bells, etc.) and the game lags for a few milliseconds.
But there aren’t any high-res models around (I use LOD’s and triggers that make objects invisible) and the lights are even controlled.

So I don’t really know what causes the rasterizer to increase so drastically.

Here, I made a video about the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aFH8ta6bS8

My guess is texture resolution. Not sure.

Hello @Volvion .

Your “Rasterizer” problem might be your ambience sound, or footsteps sound.
Sounds are placed in the “Rasterizer” department.

Questions I would like to ask about your problem.

  • Are you using 3D sound?
  • What type of sound-format are your sounds?
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I interrupt but same problem i have. I want to answer for myself.

I use 3d sound.
.aac format

Does these can be problem?

3D sound might be intensive. The most optimal sound formats are .wav, as it runs fastest in Blender.
WAV files are larger than normal sound files, but that’s because they’re uncompressed unlike .ogg or .mp3 files, which allows faster processing of their files.

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