UPBGE 0.2.5a release!

also for roughness @pachupp you have to apply the map to the mipmap lod bias of a reflection map
(it’s a quick approximation and not super accurate)

mix this (the reflection texture) with the PBR texture using a frensel node and your normal map

dumb question:
what is the difference between hardness and roughness?

Hardness was used in legacy shaders, and described size of specular reflection.
Roughness describes how rough material is in pbr shader.
In general they are similar.

i am working on a selective SSR filter using render attachments to control reflectance through the R channel and roughness through the G channel but i dont know what to do with the B channel. XD

This is really cool, specially seeing the bloom lights getting reflected on the water below. I have no idea how it was implemented though. :slight_smile: Will try to study it a bit better later on. Great work. Only thing I would maybe comment is that for me the moving objects on the ‘second plane’, when they go past another object on the ‘first plane’, it seems that they are rendered above the glow area of the one in front of them, in relation to the camera.

as if the bloom was behind the object?
follow the upbge bloom thread: https://blenderartists.org/t/upbge-bloom-shader/1135644/56

I agree, it’d be useful to have some of the community scripts as easy-to-add templates, or better yet - a script browser in UPBGE that lets you browse GLSL and Python scripts in a community server (maybe each has its own little description and author).

It would take some work though, but it’d be really cool to have

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Basically some sort of asset store like other big game engines have. Would be awesome indeed


We’re few and resources are free. IMO it’s for the best. More students, less salesmen.

But some easy-to-browse list of all the stuff we’ve shared would be nice, right? Yeah sure I guess, yet no one’s done it. My bet is no one wants to do it, I sure as hell don’t. Fool-proofing a GUI is a pain in the ass. And then there’s the actual collecting resources and organizing and maintaining, it’s just too much work and all we get for it is accessibility.

Though hey, if someone who actually wants the ease of use is willing to do it…

Asset store could just include free assets, and yeah it would be quite difficult to add and maintain a GUI for it. Still, would be quite nice.

Perhaps rather than an integrated UPBGE feature, it could be a plugin or even stand-alone program/GUI that ships with UPBGE. You just select a save location and can browse scripts and stuff in a separate program. If it’s stand-alone, it might be easier

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paid assets / addons actually would be a good thing for the ecosystem,

there will always be free assets, and GPL - but paying people for there work using donations is legit.

one way you could do it, is code stuff, and release it if people pay you enough,
but it has to be something serious / reviewed and marked ready too.

another way is to gather money and start work after there is enough money - like kickstart etc,
but the person would need a track record of making quality assets / addons / upbge patches

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I think i see an opportunity here. Let’s see where this idea goes in the future. I have no idea how to code an add-on like this, but if we(upbge community) could get the right people together and perhaps find a way to fund this, it could be something really nice.

Salesman have a bit too much bad rep in my opinion. The reason the bge never really got big is because it lacked funding. And students don’t have the means to fund a game engine. So, yeah.
Of course most of the assets could be free, but what’s wrong with monetarily supporting the creators that would populate such a hypothetical marketplace? If you want free assets for your games then there’s already plenty of places out there like opengameart.org

Donations are one thing, paid content is another; I don’t want a price tag on new features. This relates to code, not models, textures, animations and whatnot. Seeing an “UPGRADE to PRO NOW 20% OFF!” whenever I launch an application isn’t the most comforting feeling.


Yeah agreed. I was thinking more about art assets and maybe cool scripts that someone spent a while making. The engine itself should probably stay free ^^

yeah - say we have a feature everyone wants added - but it’s very complex - like GPU armature skinning or GPU subdivision / tessellation

we can make a kickstart to do the work -> have it inlcuded in upbge / GPL’D

this way no one is paying to use a feature, we are paying to extend the engine for projects we feel are worth it.

Loki and Youle are amazing,
but I am sure they would not turn down paid help,

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At this moment, I’m updating upbge.org using a dedicated webpage server instead of github webpage server. I will try to put online somekind of Asset library similar to Godot one.

Please, be patient as it is my first webpage since 20 years ago :slight_smile:
I will keep you informed (I will need a month more or less)


I think you guys should definitely try to do something similar to what Armory is doing with the funding page, where people can support the engine on a monthly basis.
I don’t know if there is a way to support the progress currently, but if there is, it has to be more publicly known.
Either way, the plans you have are great and you’ve been doing some amazing work so far. Keep it up!


This is really cool, I would love to share some preset materials and basic scripts/logic bricks mechanics over there.


I am hyped :heart_eyes:
Take your time to make it :ok_hand:

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