Upbge - 0.3.0

I got Upbge 0.3 flickering with overlay collection, any idea ?
(In play mode when i do a screencapture i only see the overlay HUD camera, while i see both the game camera and camera HUD in play mode?)

About the new Upbge 0.3 synchronous loading external files will there be a new binary release, i would like to test it.

I tested your IK walker, the behaviour and camera are great and smooth, you could make some sort of tank game with that.

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The overlay flickering happens when using Viewport Render.

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If i remove “viewport” the HUD no more displays ?

The overlay objects need to be put in the HUD collection.
Placing “HUD objects” collection inside “HUD” seems to work.

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A bug, when you use addObject, the spawned object ignore material shadow setting, and it casts a shadows when spawned.

Play this Small game

Working with high rez textures and millions poly models, Blender ,like many pro software also, showed quickly memory and process limits to handle those.

  • After editing or scaling big objects in Blender editor
  • unable to select Blender editor manipulator handle, need to close and re start Blender
  • crash or un responsive loading of textures and models when loading a level in Blender
  • freeze delays moving big objects in Blender editor
  • duplicated objects moved back to original object position after saving and reloading a scene in Blender editor

I don’t think lot of people work in real time like game engines with Blender, but that shows when there is Blender editor issues Upbge can’t do anything.

I think that was to be expected, though :thinking:

Million poly modes are not used in games for that reason. You can utilize batching, which (if I understand correctly) doesn’t use the full set of data for each spawend instance, but rather references the original, which immensely cuts down on power needed for these objects, UE4’s foliage system works that way.
Normally you go in and say something like “We have 3 detail levels: High-Res (Player), Medium (important objects), Low (Bags of chips, props)”.

Then you go and put polycount limits on that, usually something between 20 and 60.000 polys, depending on the size and importance of the object (typical player model á 2020 is about 45.000 tris for a regular game).

In the end you try to keep the performance up by using LODs for both textures and objects

That’s not a software problem, that’s hardware, and the main reason why game-dev is about 50-80% optimizing your resources. Keeping a fluid experience demands a lot of tweaking in more complex scenes, but that’s the same in every Game-Engine


It’s some issues about Blender editor only (that’s nothing related to Upbge performance or game optimization techniques ), it’s more how Blender editor can handle million polygons models.
Upbge can’t do anything as this is not related to it.

I edited to make it more clear :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not related to Upbge 0.3 directly, but it can be good to make aware about possible issues people could have when trying to work with millions polygon models and high rez textures level editing for use with Upbge.

BTW Upbge can handle million polygons just for testing purpose, it runs very smooth
( more details in that thread Rogue Squadron (Upbge 0.3) )

создать фото


Looking good. How do you do HUD, game menu, levels?

Make a new collection with it’s own HUD camera and HUD objects, then in logic bricks add a “Collection” action with mode “Add overlay collection” and poiting to your camera HUD.
HUD object can be manipulated by code or using timeline, as you prefer.


I have tried this, but the HUD objects (heathbar, text, etc.) can still be hidden behind objects from the main scene. Is this the correct Logic Brick setup?

You must uncheck the Sensor up arrow, because the overlay must be added at start not every frame (or it won’t work and you’ll see errors checking the command console)

I made a working hud you can learn from, load file in Blender and press “p”

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Thanks a bunch!

Best integrated game engine into Blender

any idea why it does not undo at exit ? on camera when i hit p then esc it wont undo at exit. after i press p the second time and esc, it does undo at exit. if you check the parent lines on viewport, the lines are stuck on in game positionstest character2.blend (718.5 KB) test character2.blend1 (700.3 KB)

- on this screenshot i have a simple scene with a simple cube and a camera, the camera does not undo at exit, and the relationship lines are stuck to … empty space ( last in game position )

Blender developers have changed undo system to make it faster.

But for now, it doesn’t work very well with the bge 0.3 alpha code as it is.

You can still enable old undo:

  • In user preferences > interface, check developers extra
  • A new menu named “experimental” (iirc) will appear in user preferences
  • Go in "experimental menu and check “undo legacy”

oh ! it instantly started working. thanx :wink:

Upbge 0.3 does not support SetUV() ?
This code works, but the texture seems not moving ?

speed_x = 0.1 # speed by which the coordinates are moved      
speed_y = 0.0   # speed by which the coordinates are moved    
mesh = owner.meshes[0] # access the mesh of the object in question    
v_array = mesh.getVertexArrayLength(0) # how many verts are there?      
for v in range(0,v_array): # go through the uv's of every vert
    vert = mesh.getVertex(0,v)  
    uv = vert.getUV()     
    uv[0] += speed_x # change the uv coordinates. uv[0] = x, uv[1] = y
    uv[1] += speed_y        
    vert.setUV(uv) # get the game engine to notice the change!!

Can we use object parameters in the shader editor ?

Another working way is to use UVWrap modifier, and move the “To” object to make UV move.