Upbge - 0.3.0

I beg to differ - if you have problems learning 0.3 learn 0.2 instead.
If something in UPBGE or even Blender itself learn or create something else. Take breaks. Let your imagination flow, etc.

Hold up, what does that mean exactly in terms of simulation accuracy / distance from origin?

Off the top of my head, the standard float has 7 digits of precision, which means that if you go further than 1.000m away from the origin, centimeter precision is lost.

If the double is twice that, at 14 digits of precision, does that mean we can go away from the origin before centimeter precision is lost? Is that correct, or am I way off base here?

should be about right @John_tgh
maybe we can have both available?

If that is the case then I sincerely hope so, it opens up all kinds of possibilities for open-world games.

Hi, hope you are well… any news about Lod on collection instances?

New builds already have AOV which can replace enough well the former Render Attachments.

Here you have a great example from @aWeirdOwl. Thanks.

AOVsTest.zip (117.3 KB)


Oh wow! That seems so simple compared to how it was before O__O

epic commit by youle !!


awesome! it needs true level trigger to update the textures though

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This is pretty cool, does upbge have a chance to implement this feature?
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What are the alternatives for a Blender integrated game engine beside Upbge, and Armory ?

there is such a thing on the forum, but it is not known what, when and whether it will be completed

hello, don’t take that into consideration, it’s a game engine I’m working on that is not integrated in blender. It uses blender for many things but then everything must be exported through specific plugins. It is not finished and at the moment I am busy with other projects so it is in stand-by

if you use any engine, there is no substitute for hours in the chair learning.

no magical engine will make a game for you, and if it does it will be a soul-less clone.

UPBGE 0.3.0 is the subject here*

Hello ,thanks devs for made this amazing engine in to blender .There is will UPBGE.0.3 support for VR games future .
thanks, best regards.

this is in VR includes branch - it’s a bit behind master, but the XR_action branch is do to merge into master at some point soon (albeit with some api changes)


here is a demo file also with pick up / throw / weapon implemented
basic_vr_setup_2.blend (880.5 KB)

basically XR_Session_State is your keys to the vr python kingdom.
xr = bpy.context.window_manager.xr_session_state



here is SYNTHING_GR8_M8

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Anyways i will use Armory then.

Good luck,

This thread is about upbge 0.3.0*

Hi. I downloaded the latest Version Win64-2021-03-31. Pie Menue are disabled but active. Trying to deactivate crash Blender.