Upbge - 0.3.0

it’s a experiment and was very hard work, and the creator deserves praise and respect.
this is the work of youle, panzergame, loki, and every bge dev before them (Moguri, Kupoman etc)

youle ported this by himself,
try not to be toxic.

if you want something to live,
make a bug report and be cool about it.

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It’s just feed back dude! Relax.
Toxic suggest zero feedback and just being upset just to be upset which I am not.
I stated my reasoning in a reply to Deadalus.
It’s nothing personal.
Imagine if everyone gave an honest negative criticism.
The cons would be fewer.
I’ve done my part.
I’m sure we all want the best that BGE has to offer so, the pros and cons must be addressed.

oh hey this is really cool that 95% of everything is working including particles /metas / SSR / pbr / planar reflect and much more!!!

by the way libload X has trouble*

try and be more like this

it’s really close to working and I think it’s super exciting.


The problem is the pressure, dude. To much pressure inside of very few developer shoulders.
The upbge-eevee is a personal project by youle. If you want to investigate it, it is in a branch from upbge github (all is public, there is no dark secret).

If you aant to obtain good presets for materiales you have to learn how to do it in Eevee. There is information in this forum and in blender.org


That just minimizes what is wrong with it.
It seems promising but, there’s still a lot wrong with it.
It is experimental after all, right?
I just don’t like it right now.
That will likely change when it has an organized UI too.
We went to UPBGE because, we weren’t happy with Blender 2.79.
I just don’t want something that will just kill BGE by trying to be the thing that killed it.
BGE should still be the main focus in the end.
I just wanna keep it that way.

this is my own work but it’s very heavy as I was pushing it as far as I can go on a 1070 w hd res monitor

it has a few scripts interacting with bpy shaders in real time and particles and things

I was trying really hard not to comment, but dude.

Oh, what’s this? Could it be a screenshot of the standard blender 2.8 user interface that I got after a quick google image search? Holy crapper!

Now seriously, if you don’t like the UI send your complaints to BF, they are well deserved.

Do you have the slightest idea the brew of insanity this build makes possible? Put a cork in it!

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Yeah! I could imagine the pressure on just a few developers and they are likely doing it for free. I’m attempting to work on a major game on my own and doing all of the assets myself.
It’s not always fun but, it’s something I am determined to do so, I understand very much.
I also understand firm criticism too saves a lot of wasted time on not knowing what people want by just focusing on just what they want and not what they don’t want too.
Complaints are just as valuable as compliments.
Only taking compliments alone is not fair to anyone.
Especially supporters of the BGE cause as in my case.
It’s important to keep BGE as the main focus or what’s the point when we could just use Blender instead?
Thanks for the pointers and sure; I can check it out.

The subcategories are very disorganized.
That’s not something a picture can convey.

Why do I need to take it up with Blender Foundation when they’ve canned BGE?

Yes, I apologize about the not being able to make skyboxes when you can but, let’s be honest; it’s flawed and it’s my opinion (nothing more) I currently don’t like it.
I’m not free to express an opinion now?
This is why we lost BGE from Blender in the first place. Not enough honest negative feedback. I don’t want that to happen again but, to UPBGE.
Eevee and the UI should merely compliment BGE if the old game engine is the main focus.
…But, apparently I should just “put a cork in it” because, my critique and other’s that have complained don’t have valid opinions and aren’t making personal blows at the developers like you did with me. It’s nothing personal. Lighten up; it’s only feedback.

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ok !
I compiled a new build I will put up tonight !

I <3 how HDRI effect the scene
can’t wait to see what actual GEO adds :smiley:


Sweet! I look forward to the new build. I’ve been playing around with it. I even opened up some old projects and they all worked.


Really has a lot of potencial…

Model from Dennis Haupt (https://3dhaupt.com/) CC-BY-NC


I did not have my probes setup right before :smiley:

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SR AWNW 2 Makes a astonishing COMEBACK !!!
(this month with new content to present and showcase while the BETA gets completed and completely overhauled)

Stay Tuned for my next video i’ll be uploading on my channel!


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I will probably use that car to run away in the Shadows Lengthen

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How much did you add to the new build?

it is updated with master(blender 2.8) + some bug fixes by youle / undo system so bpy is undone when you hit esc (there is a ui for it in property panel)

I have a new build - (no addons this time)

I need to set upbge up to pull in default blender 2.8 addons, and it’s tricky because it’s only in 1 branch

for now color space is changed,
and many new modes were added to vector math node

found some very intresting bpy libs for us

(render to texture)

make custom shader program - https://docs.blender.org/api/master/gpu.types.html#gpu.types.GPUShader

thank you youle!