UPBGE 0.3 Armature Animation-Deform Problem

First of all, my mother tongue is not English. I use translation. Sorry for the meaningless sentences.
I am making a project on upbge 0.3. playing animations and deforming armature is causing me to see very low levels in fps. but it works fine in not playing any animation.
i found a question ( Upbge 3.0 armature modifier causes low frame rate - Game Engine / Game Engine Support and Discussion - Blender Artists Community) but i don’t understand what i have to do.
I’m new to upbge. what should I do? can someone help me???

Not Playing Animations - Not Deformed to Player:

fps value : 550-630

Playing Animation - Deformed to Player:

fps value : 40-60

if you want the blender file, check this link:
(i not drop directly because my blend file bigger than 5mb)

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you should use the old 0.2.x (2.79) if you need lots of deforms. upbge 3 is painfully slow at deforms due the hamfisted way bge function was restored.

optimization may come after vulkan. or it may not.

to be clear, this behavior in your screens are perfectly normal. its really that slow. lowering the poly count can help, but not by a lot.

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So should I go back to the old version?

thats up to you. you know the needs of your game. tbh while the older one is quite better, its still a far cry from the gpu accelerated deforms on traditional game engines. bge is cpu based due to the fact blender is a creation software that needs a feedback loop on the verts to allow additional modifiers after.

if you want to stick to foss i suggest godot. i hear the import-export is much more straight forward than the likes of unreal or unity.

if you are just wanting to have some fun messing about, upbge 2 or 3 is a great sandbox, but you sometimes need to put in in a bit more effort to do, what may seem like, basic stuff.

In 3.0 we have a node group, faster normal map that makes animated actors quite a bit faster

3.0 is feature rich and evolves with each build of blender.

Daed should probably move along if he is going to fanboi Godot here*

‘hamfisted way it was restored’

the bge animation system was removed - now it uses the built in blender one***

everything was removed and youle restored it one at a time (and it’s quite fast atm)

not fanboying, in fact i myself dont use or really like godot that much, i stand by upbge 020 till the end. the point is godot was optimized from the ground up as a game engine which prioritizes performance. same as unity or unreal (well, maybe not ue lol). also theres the benefit of dedicated engines having a user xp tailored to making games and getting stuff done. that also means upbge has the benefit of vast flexibility, even more so of upbge 3. but thats a bit like taking an aircraft carrier to go fishing or a cannon to hammer a nail.

for making a game, upbge, either version, is gonna be more of an uphill climb for things, thats just the fact of the matter.

starting to get offtopic so ill stop posting here. theres a bigger picture that needs to be considered.