Upbge 0.3 crashing

i don’t know why, but on the first day when i use UPBGE 0.3 when i press P or 0+P, UPBGE crashing every time! :confused:
Please, help!

Update your graphics drivers (GPU).

i updated all drivers to the latest. I mean, when i started to create project with UPBGE on the first half of a day, i press 0+P, it runs as usual, but after the half of a day, when i press 0+P, UPBGE 0.3 crashing every time

Steps to debug Blender/BGE/UPBGE when it crashes.


it’s strange, but after I turn on debug mode for UPBGE, UPBGE 0.3 runs as usual!
Thank you!

Yeah, the debug mode also prevents Blender from quitting on crashes… If you want the bug fixed however, share the debug logs!