Upbge 0.3 Fog

How can i make fog ? i didn’t find any tutorials.

You could create a node group from this method but you would have to apply it to every material.

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Thanks, but i would like a global solution.

You could use the Volume Absorption node in the World shader.

…or the Volume Scatter node

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Are they good for performance ?

Volume Scatter isn’t the best for performance but it would also depend on the Volumetrics settings (and PC specs).

here is an example on how to get old school z distance fog in UPBGE 0.3

mist node group

place it after diffuse and if you got transparent on you object place it before that.


While it’s a cool work around.
But it’s hard to use as you would have to change all materials.
Instead fog should be a world render pass and not per object.

i would like the old mist system would be added to eevee as well, but for now this woks and to plug a custom node group in to you material does not take that long.

Even more simple, i will use transparent distant planes to simulate fog as the game has a camera moving only forward and it’s not a game about next gen graphics.

you are going to get a ton of overdraw if you do that.

It’s something used a lot on very old games.
I don’t think this will have any performance impact compared as using volumes or other advanced techniques.

the mist node above does not use volumes it uses the zbuffer, very fast to calculate it is also what old games uses to paint fog, planes is better used where you want localized fog

red arrow point to fog planes
blue arrow point to zbuffer fog


Buy yourself a computer man, stop wasting time with old versions. The transition from 2.7 to 2.8 has to much obstacles. A lot of things work differently, plus you have a lot of new options in 2.8. Buy a stronger computer and make that minimum requirements.

My GTX is strong enough to run any games, just i don’t want other people to need a strong 3D card to run a very low poly game, i want the game to run 60 fps.
Some features in Eevee are not designed for real time performance and could slow a lot a low poly scene even with a strong 3D card.

Standard fog does not exist in Upbge Eevee real time rendering.

Those options are interesting and what i will use.
I’m not making a next gen game :joy: