Upbge 0.3 shadows opacity and color?

Can we setup shadows opacity and color in Upbge 0.3 ?

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you can adjust the environment light and shadows in the shader editor world tap
add a RGB node to adjust color

This changes all game ambient and lighting, after trying it.
I was asking a way to change the shadows only like some 3D engines allow to do.
I don’t think Eevee has that option.

if you want some shadows tinted, using spotlights is and option.


remember to turn off shadow casting

It would cost too much performance putting spotlights all around a very big scene just ot have tinted shadows :joy:
No work around, you need to have shadows on Gpu able to change the color and opacity, it’s a new feature to create.

That option can be made with spotlight as @edderkop said. You can simply use 1 or multiple spotlights and move them around the world. you can control the energy and color with python if needed.

So bare basics is that you use 1 spotlight and move it around, and 1 lamp would not kill performance (used for this option). You need to worry more about saying:

how much lamps are you going to use? sounds like your planning for a lot already. Keep it at a max of 8 lamps.

I mean all the open world shadows for every object anywhere must have shadows with a color and transparency.I don’t think womeone would spend days adding spotlights in all buildings, structures and behind any trees.
No work around, Upbge is in very early alpha, far from good on post processing or global illumiation lighting, so it’s good for implement such shadow feature other engines have.

i would, it’s just placing an empty on the spot i need and use a script (resources) to place the lamp and alter it values.

Others would simply bake all the shadows and use gimp to alter the color.

so many ways to do it., don’t get why you need it tho(for a toony look or something?), shadows normally aren’t colored.

In regular BGE: a hemi light facing straight downwards works nicely to color shadows.
In EEVEE, a super-large area light with shadows/specular disabled can do the same thing.
This is a single light and it covers 3km of area. You could vertex-parent it to the player so that it “covers” even more.

This is superior to just setting “ambient” because the bottom of objects is still black, so it doesn’t just “wash out” the whole scene with the ambient color.

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Thanks, but as i said some times, i don’t want to use a work around for this, i prefer a in engine shadows shader solution you just setup and it works with any sun or spot lights in the scene.

ive said it before and ill say it again. these arent work arounds so much as normal methods.

get used to it, or maybe this isnt the right game engine for you.

the standard lighting setup has a sun and two hemi lights. one pointing down, another point up to simulate light bouncing off the ground.

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As i said previously i’m not making a game in Blender to sell, Upbge 0.3 is too much early alpha, while Upbge 0.3 is great to toy with and have fun.
I would have used those shadows colors and opacity for a new agme template demo but it’s not a must have for me.
Perhaps it’s a feature Upbge could get later.

The thing you are looking for is “Global Illumination Shadows”.
Blender doesn’t support that. Yet*

I think coloring Ambient Occlusion would be a good alternative.

Nope, no global illumination.
Just shadow tweaking, like some stylized games used to give the game a special look.

It’s a bad example as it is projected textures, but you can get an idea about what i mean about stylized shadows shader

Forget it, it’s not a must have feature :joy: , and i’m not going to use or need that feature anymore.

that is not a shadow, that’s texture projection. shadows is absence of light.

huummm hum.

BGE 2.79 example (eevee do not have this)

I don’t want texture projection :joy:

then your only option left is to paint it in by hand (does not really work if you have dynamic lights)

here with no tint