Upbge 0.3 what logic nodes to use?

There is modern nodes working with Upbge

But Upbge comes with the old logic nodes system.

What should we use ?
Should new Upbge releases by default provide only the modern nodes instead of the old ones ?

How is performance from logic nodes compared to python scripting ?
Are logic nodes lot more slower ? Any benchmarks ?

Hi :slight_smile:

The Logic Nodes Add-On is supposed to make simple, tedious programming tasks less tedious and to enable artists who don’t want to learn how to program to just pluck together their logic relatively easy

Performance-wise, it goes like this:

  1. Logic Bricks are fastest, because they are directly embedded into BGE/UPBGE’s logic update loop
  2. Python scripting is next, because you can optimize your code for your needs much better than with nodes
  3. Logic Nodes are slowest, because there is code that you can’t really tweak from the outside

The setup which works best and most versatile for me is to use Logic Nodes and read/execute more complex behaviors by accessing logic bricks from there or execute custom python scripts via the Python Module Node

This setup is a lot more scalable than using just Logic Bricks or Plain Python code, because you can re-use entire sections of simple logic while delegating more costly tasks to bricks and code

hope this helps :+1:

ADDENDUM: For smaller logic setups, Nodes will work perfectly fine, smaller meaning setups with up to 200/250 nodes, those should be no problem for a mid-range PC, even running multiple times

remember that you can always track your performance by enabling the “Framerate and Profile” debug in the render settings


I agree logic nodes look lot more modern and have better visualization than logic bricks.

I noticed logic nodes have physic force but they don’t have linear and angular velocity.

Velocity, both angular and linear, can be set via the “Set Object Data” Node, I think that might be what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

If there’s nodes you’d like to be implemented you can always just leave an issue over at Github and I’ll take a look at it: https://github.com/IzaZed/Uchronian-Logic-UPBGE-Logic-Nodes/issues

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