UPBGE 0.35 Alpha appears to have higher framerate than 0.30

I have just tried UPBGE 0.35 Alpha, and it seems to have a higher framerate (0.30 framerate can go as low as 16fps with armatures, and wave modifiers can go as low as like 20fps etc) whereas 0.35 often is at 34fps - 51fps. I wonder what is going on here?

I am using macOs 12.5.1 with 16GB of RAM and with M1.

Things are slowly getting better. Possibly with 0.36-0.37, when Metal gpu backport is well stablished in MacOS, the performance will improve a bit again.

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So far, things are looking promising. I like how UPBGE is slowly turning into what Unity/Armoury is, minus the paywalls (Unity is free, but if you make more than a certain amount they charge you.)

I am no game dev, I just use UPBGE for my own personal fun. Given how UPBGE ties into Bender, an app that I have used for 11+ years, I therefore know how to use UPBGE since it is basically Blender but with only the Game Engine sector built in.

It’s kinda weird how UPBGE still contains a Render Animation and other tools pertaining to the main Blender that are pretty much unneeded in game development. You would honestly think Render Animation would be replaced with Render Spritesheet, just to make doing spritesheets (especially for Sprite Sheet node) for games easier, and GiF image support so in Shader Nodes you can split it into frames or sprite sheet however you want…

Funny how UPBGE does not support GiFs, they would be useful for animated textures…

When exactly would 0.36 or 0.37 be released? The M1 iMac I have supports Metal, but when using eevee next, it just spits an error at the top-left of the viewport and I don’t get any shading or drawing.

Aside from this, I think the reason UPBGE 0.3 and above keeps eating so much framerate may have to do with the lighting engine, shadow sampling, etc. I’ve tried to not use Principled BDSF, but to no avail, whereas 2.79 did not have this complexity.

The M1 chip is capable of running UPBGE at full steam, so I don’t see why it is so slow. Nothing is wrong with anything. My GPU is fine as well.

Vulkan /Metal via SpirV I think was committed this last weekend.

What exactly does “committed” as in GitHub mean?

Committed to blender master branch, 3.5x staging I think atm.

Implemented into official source code, basically. The source code still needs to be compiled into executables / binaries.

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