UpBGE 2.04 on Android?

I search on the Web over and over, but get no clear Answer. Older, beginning Projects with regular BGE seems to be abandoned now. Is there a Possibility to get a UpBGE 2.04 Game working on Android and sell in App Store?

short answer is no.

So, we need to replace all the old draw calls with modern draw calls that are openGL-ES compatible

also I think some sort of transpiler or JIT would be needed for logic,

edit: it looks like the thing would need to parse the python to machine code 1 time during install*
I am not sure this is possible with py - so you may need a JIT running in the thing that is handling the python.


Thank you. I feared that answer. Then I will not plan for the time being Android version, and keep focused on the PC release.

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Hello Doc!

While ago there was this project: