UPBGE 2.4b2 simple motion "motion logic brick" will not rotate?

I cannot fathom what I am doing wrong. I have created this simple example of my problem. if you press “r” the cube is supposed to rotate, but it does not. I can translate, but not rotate with this simple motion “motion logic brick”.

Such a simple thing. I’m really banging my head on this one… Does it rotate for you all?
simplemotionnorotate.blend (459.8 KB)

It works fine for me, even when the caps lock is on. Sorry.

good to know it rotates for you. what software/version did you use to run it?

oh! and you did play the game and press the “r” key to rotate not just rotate in the 3d view right?

It rotates well for me at runtime for me in UPBGE 0.24 (I forget which serious though, could still be bug on your end):