UPBGE 2.4b2 simple motion "motion logic brick" will not rotate?

Sorry but i’m not going to build it for you, and definitely not with bricks.

Depending on what you want:
you need a boundingbox aka character box, add a cube make it invisible and put your character in it, then parent the armature to the box. Now you can put the movement bricks on the cube, and you can put the animation bricks on the armature. If you select both objects while holding shift then you can link the logic bricks from the cube to the armature, saves you time. From this point it’s figuring out how to use the bricks the way you want it. I’m not the right person for it, i won’t even try to make suchs a spaghetti with the bricks.

So then we get into python, you know python?
if not then i suggest you learn BGE python, then you can program it to do what you want. If you do know python then i got a template in my resources that you can use and alter to your liking.