UPBGE 3.0 ALPHA, character always snaps back when trying to move it

Hello World,
this is Flynn and I am new here. Nice to meet you!!!

I am trying to create a very basic controlable fps character in UPBGE 3.0 Alpha, and I succeeded.
However, suddenly after connecting the logic bricks of camera and cube, I am not able to move the cube anywhere anymore. I also cannot rotate it - scaling works.
Whatever I do, it always snaps back to the initial position when I click and try to release it.

Tips i already tried:
I am aware of the magnetic snapping tool, the proportional editing tool and the only locations check box.
Also the padlocks in the transform window are all open.
And also under the options dropdown menu all boxes are un-ticked

I hope someone of you can help me or give me a tip.
Best whishes,

I can only assume that you either have an animation of the cube recorded and it is reproduced by returning the collider cube to its original coordinates, or you did not connect the logic blocks correctly to tell you more accurately you need a screenshot of your logic blocks

Thanks for the reply.
It does appear as though there is an animation on the object, as when I hit play (spacebar) the cube falls down in a loop.
But there are no Keyframes on the object, and i dont know how to get rid of this animation. I have tried deleting Keyframes anyway, which did not help.
Here is a screenshot of my logic bricks:

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Somehow removing the keyframes X times has helped and now I can move the cube again.
Thanks for the help!

Just always keep an eye on animations on your objects, especially on those that do not have armature - all animation for simple objects is the keys of position, rotation and scale - position is not the best animation, since it always returns objects to the coordinates in which the animation is recorded, to check the recorded animations, go to the animation menu and select actions - and you will see if the object contains animation. And best of all, use armatures to record animation and playback, since it is not affected by the recorded positions, and it, in conjunction with the parent collider, reproduces them anywhere in the scene.

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