UPBGE 3.0 ping pong action actuator bug

I’m trying to create a door that needs to open and close when E is pressed. The action actuator set to ping pong is repeating the animation to infinity with out stoping so is opening and then closing and then again. Even if my animation is just the door opening.

Any idea?

I’m amazed how any other stupid question will get an answer, and this important bug, not.

Please, keep calm. There is a pull request from youle fixing this “bug” https://github.com/UPBGE/upbge/pull/1263


Meanwhile use a property: state -> boolean

keyboard - and - property(toggle)

property(state equal True) - and - action(play open)
property(state equal False) - and - action(play close(just put end frame in startframe and other way around))


Hi @lordloki_reloaded,

I confirm that this has been sorted out with your latest release, thanks to youle and yourself.


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