UPBGE/BGE Warning: = expected. Continuing without it [solved]

when launch my games i read in the console lines and lines of:
Warning: = expected. Continuing without it.

how do i know what causes this? and is this warning a problem for my game? (if it slows the game)

Could you post the smallest .blend where this happens?

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sorry i can’t share it, if i delete to many stuff the project crashes
do you have any other suggestion for that warning?

in this scene, for some reason the warning cames from these 3 object, 2 armature (players) and an empty that controls most of the logic of this scene, i noticed it isolating them one per one in different layer view

Without any further context, the most likely cause seems to be a script with some peculiar error.

I’ve never seen that error before.

Would you mind sharing the scripts running on those 3 objects?

It’s very difficult to diagnose the problem without any further data.

Warning : = expected. Continuing without it.

^Is that the entire warning as it appears? Does it not say which file/linenumber it occurs in?
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Edit: “Warning: = expected.” <- This sounds like an assignment error of some kind, perhaps you are calling a property as though it were a method?

there aren’t scripts in this scene, it’s only logic with logic bricks

Hmmmm I cannot download the file for some reason, the download just never starts :thinking:

i tried with another account and it works, try again and wait

maybe a controller “Expresion” with some wrong data, like = instead ==

i didn’t know double equal == was used even in expression controller,
where should i put the == when “calling” property value or when i detect the True or False of a sensor?
i mean i should write always -> act == “stand” -> action or act = “stand”?
stand -> stand = True AND … -> reaction or == True?

i replaced all = in expressions with == and i don’t get that warning anymore,
thanks for your help :slight_smile:
anyway it’s not a so important warning because controllers work anyway but it’s bad to see all these ripetitive lines in the terminal

Glad you got the warnings to go away, I just thought I might be able to clarify the use of “=” vs “==”.

In python “=” is used to assign a variable, while “==” compares two values.

For instance:

'>>> a = 15
'>>> if a == 15:
'>>> print(‘True’)

Hope this helps!

yes yes, i only taken this bad use of write single =, i also thought it wasn’t important in expression controller but it’s not so.
is it possible to use an expression controller to assign a value to a property like we do in a script?