[UPBGE breaking threshold] - quick demo

Here is a quick demo of breaking thresholds
Requires UPBGE 0.1.9.a or newer.

files below


damageModels.blend (540 KB)

Do you have any idea how to reference the rigid body joint (created via user interface) in Python to disable it manually?
I know that it is possible to disable a joint which was created in Python, but could not find a way to access the to-be-destroyed joint in Python when it was created in the UI.

I suggested to add this feature in UPBGE and asked a similar question on their gitHub Page (https://github.com/UPBGE/blender/issues/511) - with no hint of the devs yet.

AeroLynx I just made the joints in runtime in the past and saved them in a property.

however maybe object.constraints may contain the body joint?

Maybe try

for constraint in object.constraints:
#to try and see if the joint is listed

edit: hmm maybe all active constraints on a object should be listed in a new method but currently the gameObject does not contain a list of active constraints :frowning:


would be handy


could be handy as well