Upbge Car Component

Hi guys!
today I took a car script for BGE (old) and turned it into Components for Upbge.


unfortunately I didn’t find the source(because this file I downloaded in 2015, and it was on my HD all this time).

the original code was made by: Dalai Felinto and Mike Pan in 2013

I needed a script like that, although it is extremely easy to do, I chose to convert this to save time,
in addition the script is free!

Car_Component.blend (674.1 KB)


I made some corrections

if it didn’t have the properties, they would be defined as Int
needed to be Float

and this one has a very simple sound system,
indian upbge game renderer(ANSH) asked me to do.

so keep the file and make your improvements :slightly_smiling_face:

Fix_UPBGE_Car_Component_with_sound.blend (1.6 MB)

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i didnt follow new things : what is components ? Kinda properties ?

Dude, Thanks for sharing this. Dude ROCK ON!!! :wink:

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I may be speaking the wrong way:

but components are a better way to handle scripts,
immediately there is Start and Update.

you can do all of this using the modules, but the components
it is much faster to add, its properties are changeable for any object, you can create several objects, with different properties for each one with the same script.