UPBGE: Component Helper Add-on

Hi, I’m creating some useful addons for UPBGE and I’d like to share with the community.


One thing that was implemented in UPBGE and I was very happy about was the Component System. Easy to use, practical,very modular and organized. But the current interface to add or create an addon wasn’t very intuitive and fast to use, so I created the Component Helper Addon!

How it works?

This addon will help you to handle your Python Components, such as creating or adding new components to the objects.
Once you installed the addon, go to Logic Editor > Properties tab > Component Helper to use the addon.

In this image you can see an small example of the addon in action:

  • The first block will display all the existing Components (+ Script name) found in the .blend file. Note that you will need to click the icon located on the top right (the arrows) to update the list.

  • The second block is a small tool to create a new component: you just have to type the script name and the class name (white spaces will be automatically ignored and add the “.py” at the end of the script name is optional) and mark/unmark the two aditional options if you want to: (1) Include some instructions (comments) in the initial component code or (2) also add the created component to the current selected object.

  • Also there is a button called “Reload All Scene Components” at the end. Every time you click, all the components of the scene objects will be reloaded.

How to download?

You can download the source code and install via User Preferences (Ctrl + Alt + U) > Addons > "Install Add-on from File…"

Download the Add-on

In this same git repository you can also find some instructions and other add-ons that I made for UPBGE.