UPBGE fighting game attack on turn [Solved]

Hello everybody,
after numerous attempts and experiments to try to make one attack at a time from 3 characters/opponents I decided to ask for help,

the logic of the scene is this:
a central empty chose between 5 tipes of attacks using an integer property [R] that is changed by a random actuator and for each one set the right logic states but only if all the 3 opponents are in standing pose “STAND” (when this is true it send continue pulse to a boolean [STAND] property type LEVEL)
once added that states, only if the property [STAND] is True it runs a random that should chose between one actions of one of the opponents.

many times i run the game and the [STAND] property shakes between True and False rapidly even if i can’t see any causes, this causes a fast changing of the actions random even if it have to stop when one action is started, it ignores it so more attacks are played together by all the opponents.

LATER i tried to set a timer to trigger the attacks random (the timer is set to 0 every time an actions ends (except for stand actions) or every times all opponents are in stand pose but triggering a true pulse every 120 logic tics)
the problem still persist, the property [r] which is the integer property that choses an action still ignore to stop once one action is started, maybe the sensor that is triggering the [r] random is triggering two pulse even if it is selected TAP!

these are 3 shoots to better see what i’m saying


now characters attacks when Stime = 1
and random is triggered when Stime = 0
all work as it have to do and as i want :slight_smile:

you are making a fighting game too ? Can you show screenshots ?