UPBGE Flickering?


So I’m not sure what the deal is here; it seems that geometries that are close together start flickering for some reason. Maybe they’re competing for being rendered as “in front”?

(Notice the eyes)

I’ve tried using different materials, disabling graphics features like volumetrics and bloom; but nothing seems to get rid of it.

here’s the .blend, if it helps


thats called Z-fighting, and every game engine does it.

you usually fix it by tweaking the camera starting clip. range of 0.1 - 20,000 work well for me, but it could be as small as you can get away with. this wont fix the problem, but reduce it, the true fix is not having overlap.

also heres your obligatory “its alpha”

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That fixed it :smiley:

Makes sense, I had the Clip Start set to 0.001