UPBGE for beginners?

hello, so i just found out that UPBGE exist, and i want to try making games with it but i have almost 0 background on coding. because of the workflow “probably” would be easier because i have intermediate-advanced experience in blender.

i have tried unity but never got into it

so is it beginner friendly?
or maybe some advice for how should i get into it.

thanks in advance.

games are software: you need programming knowledge.

if diving into python is too much then theres visual scripting with logic bricks/nodes. thats what people usually go with. id advice just trying out sensors and actuators and having fun with it. get objects to do stuff. experiment.

once you get some idea of what you want to do – and for the love of god keep it simple – you can search around the forum for how to get x thing to happen. you can also ask questions when you get stuck obviously. as long as you dont get into funky territory its likely youll find an example or two.

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Before consider code, you can try something more visual and easy to start with like Logic nodes

And some templates ot get started

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thanks for you suggestion, i’ll try that.

thanks for the suggestion

For animated agents we have a hit box typically with a armature parented to it,

The armature may contain a skin (using armature modifier) or bone child objects.
(gfx meshes parented to bones)

If logic plays animations in sequence with an actors movements the illusion is complete.