Upbge for linux

so far I have use BGE from Blender 2.79, but since I have read that they want remove this functionality I would like to try UPBGE.
So I go to “https://upbge.org/” -> Menu -> Download and try to download the version for Linux, but it only has 133kB and it is probably corrupted because it can not be downloaded.
Does anyone know where i can get the correct version of UPBGE for linux?



Thank you for your answer but unfortunately dosynd work on my linux distribution (Mageia 5).
It is a pity that there is no standalone version, similar to Blender that would work regardless of distribution.:frowning:

you could try this one (works on debian, 64 bit)

Well if you happen to know how to build UPBGE in such a way from a Debian based linux, I would gladly update my own build instructions used to produce the artifacts I linked.

But I won’t do more than what I sent on my own because I am growing tired of this ever-asking community, sorry for the inconvenience.

most people want to help but can’t

open up a way to pay you a little per month and I would kick down :smiley:

Thank you very much for your answer but similar as the previous one does not work:(

I checked what is the biggest problem and it is a version of glibc library. Blender 2.79 is compiled with glibc 2.19 so work fine on my linux with glibc 2.20. Unfortunately version “WKnight02” and “edderkop” of UPBGE is compiled witch glibc 2.23 so cant work.
For me conclusion is that, to have UPBGE more compatible better is compile it with smaller version of glibc, similar as Blender version.
At this moment i can only move to Mageia 7 but 5 is too perfect:(

Thank you all for help.