Upbge game lagging

I exported my game using upbge.it is lagging.why?

can you throw off a couple of screenshots of the game? it’s just hard to understand why the game can hang or run slowly, I hope you compiled the blend file as a starter with a minimum number of objects in the scene? the compiled file should work as a key in the machine just run the menu and through the running menu you should run the necessary level files and not keep everything in one blend file otherwise it will work with delays

there are still a lot of specific things for the engine - for example, creating sets of objects, levels of detail to them (LOD) creating objects that are cut-offs so as not to calculate all the objects that fall into the camera’s field of view-to understand your problem tell us how your project works-how you created and placed models, what size of your level, what textures in size XY you use

In the render tab, disable vsync.

So I assume your using UPBGE 0.3 due to the thread tags … Render Samples take a lot of processing time, some of which are not even visually change worthy. Embedded Post-Process shaders are also performance intensive.