UPBGE Help - Blender game engine - need help

Hi, I need help. I just downloaded an UPBGE, it’s amazing, but i have one problem. We know that the new version of Blender does not use Blender game engine anymore, but upbge uses Blender.exe to open only the game engine.

Here’s the problem: When I open the saved file of the game engine, it opens with blender.exe and my scripts deleting, “open with upbge’s blender.exe” does not work. It’s working when I create a new project in “upbge” and import the last game project which is saved as a .blend file but its real format is upbge, but upbge uses a .blend file. Holy moly.

Is it possible to install upbge as an add-on in a real blender?
Or another good solution?


Blender 2.8+ has a game engine, it’s called UPBGE 0.3.
UPBGE 0.2x versions are based off of Blender 2.7x versions.

Okay so, UPBGE 0.2x and 0.3 are separate applications.
You’ll need to set the default way to open the blend format in your computer settings to be set to open with the desired UPBGE application, NOT the Blender application.

Currently no. But all the problems you’ve mentioned above can be easily fixed.

Note: 2.7x saved blend files will not work in 2.8+ versions.

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