UPBGE/HELP. Infinite generation environment is not working


Good morning,
I am new here,
I try to make a simple random terrain generator in a game using UPBGE but I failed. So I hope you can help me. I search in the internet for solution but I do not found a solution. So, I am here and start the topic.
I addressing to pro-developer and people who are interested in these topic.
I need help in two aspects:(The first problem has a high priority.)

The white cube (look to the file) moved in one way. It moved to the positive Y. But it can move to right and left (x-axis) broken. For example: go some meters in the front, than some meters right than some meters to the front and you fall down. I need help to fix it.
The goal is that the “terrain generator” generate a terrain, like in Minecraft when the player crash with a block.
(Somehow. I presented only my idea.)

2.-not that important-
Saving is broken. The program cannot save the duplicated Block. Also it can not save the block in the right layer. (These Problem is not that important as above)

I have time, so if the topic is some yeas ago, do not be ashamed to post your idea and solution.


Download the file with the higher number after “error-” and before “.blend”

I used UPBGE.

I am not a pro blender developer.

This ‘.blend’ file do not have copyright or owner right.
(Share, modification, duplication … is allowed.)

(Also change the scene and layer)

sry for my bad English


save game (only scene: platform-random-1)
o -> save(objects save)
l -> load

Hello there, and welcome! : D

I’m not able to help with the technical stuff, but you’ll probably get more feedback if you upload the file directly via the upload button. It has an arrow pointed upward.
The upload button can be seen while you’re composing a message.
It’s the seventh button from the left.

Hi @John_tgh,
you are right. But I get the message “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” So I wait when I be a old user. I started the topic to find solution about my problem. So I used alternatives to upload.

first, i think you have names conflicts
some of sensors and actuators have same name
also you named an object “sensor.001” (his mesh name too), it is near a sensor named “Sensor.001” ( avoid confusion )
it is better to leave blender generate auto mesh name, just give a name to the object
use underscore “_” instead of “-” and avoid symbols like “+” in the names

so this is not a good starting base

now error said
“Possible causes are partially appended objects or an error reading the file, logic may be incorrect”

“appended” make me think something related to .append() to a list

i think you have to redo and simplify your logic bricks behavior, bge dict and spawning in particulary

at least, your idea works

It’s a mess, combine scripts use functions to let more object run the scripts

Warning, sensor "Property.006" has lost a link to a controller (link 2 of 2) from object "generator_p3"
        possible causes are partially appended objects or an error reading the file,logic may be incorrect

You had 2 objects linked their bricks together and you removed an object before you removed the wire from/to the bricks that where on it.

find out what objects and redo the bricks or make a new blend and append everything from the old blend into it, should solve those errors.