Upbge: Import Scripts Folder addon

if you like to edit your scripts in a script editor (like PyCharm, Visual Studio or others), you can do that and run the game without any problems.

elif you want to publish your game but without leaving your scripts loose for anyone to change, you do this by importing your scripts back into the blend file! ok!

but there is a problem…
elif your project gets too big and has several scripts like me.

it will be extremely frustrating to import each one of them :cry:, besides, leaving them in the main directory of .blend is also very bad! :-1:

with that I bring you an addon that will correct these problems!
I call it Import Scripts Folder! :tada:

how to use:
first! put your scripts in a folder (any name).

after that, keep developing your game. and to use the script, add the folder name before

this also applies to the components. (folderName.componentName.Module)

now you have a game with your scripts organized and working. now you need to import them all into the main .blend.

just go to the addon and put the folder name. after that click on "Import Scripts / Update Scripts"
after that, your game is ready to be exported (like Bpplayer) and send!

yea! I hope this helps you! :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:
please enter my discord server: https://discord.com/invite/NcfWjCD
Bye! :wave:

Upbge_Scripts_Folder.py (4.1 KB)