UPBGE - JS (Electron) bridge

I’ve been thinking of ways to make UPBGE accessible to more people.
And I think compared to highly polished feature complete IDEs like Unity or Godot, UPBGE still lags behind a lot. Its only real advantage is the deep Blender integration, particularly now that real-time Eevie is a thing.

So I thought, why not use UPBGE as a supplementary tool instead. Let’s say you’re creating a visual novel in Electron, but want dynamic renders (Think day/night cycles). Or you’re using RPG-Maker, but you want animated dynamic character portraits with particle hairs.

This is what this project attempts. It runs UPBGE hidden in the background and creates a logic bridge between JavaScript and UPBGE. It then retrieves each rendered frame from UPBGE and displays it in Javascript’s Browser Window. And it does so at 60+ fps HD for simple scenes.

The project is very very rough. And I don’t know how much further I’ll take it. But it works, so if you’re proficient at Python, NodeJS and Blender/Cpp, and were looking to integrate Blender into your game, then check it out :

Electron UPBGE Demo