UPBGE loading background scenes?

Apparently in UPBGE, when you load in a background scene into the current, active scene, it also loads in the objects from that scene?

This behavior is different than the Blender Game Engine’s method for loading background scenes. Is there any way to load in a background scene without loading the objects from that scene into the active scene?

Try the collection actuator. It’s supposed to replace the scene actuator.

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There is a function to load stuff and convert, as well as most of a asynchronous version

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Thanks for this!
I am attempting to load in a skybox as a background scene. I think it’s possible that this is another bug.

I had a similar problem and couldn’t get the collection actuator to work.

The screen just went black and didn’t seem to do anything.

oh there are no background scenes - instead use the world node tree @Thomas_Murphy

Hmm ok after looking deep into it, it appears to be a bug.

Here is what I am doing:

I have a main “overlay scene” layer 1
Then I addscene on layer 0 – however since i am launching from libload in a separate Blender File- for some reason, UPBGE decides to load duplicate items from layer 0 into layer 1 (the main scene).

In Blender game engine 2.79b this does not happen.
If this isn’t a bug, then I would classify the behavior as “not operating as expected”.

For now I wrote a simple script that scrubs duplicate items from the main scene.
Do you think I should report it?