UPBGE long loading dynamic library and quickly loading in BGE2.79 why?

Hello everybody! can anyone encountered such a bug - I load libraries via LibLoad() and get a very long download of 7-8 minutes of one game level file in UPBGE 0.2.4, I checked the download in normal BGE 2.79 everything loaded in 3-4 seconds, the level is assembled from linked groups, the library I tried all the ways, even did the level without linked groups the result remained the same long download in UPBGE can someone know why? PS - sorry my english is very bad :sweat_smile:

Make sure that you create the blends itself in upbge. Do not save anything in bge. Bge and upbge aint compatible anymore. So append all stuff from your old blend into a new one created in upbge and try again. However upbge is a tad slower to load. But seconds not minutes.

same, upbge 0.2.0 and 2.74 load much much faster than the latest 0.2.5.

its so bad i just stopped using it. much to tedious testing.

Yes i use only blend files made in upbge or append only mesh, i chek load time and in upbge the time is approximately 226-228 seconds, and in normal bge, the time spent loading the level is 12-16 seconds. I checked the console and there are a lot of messages about read linked groups maybe linked groups have such a bad effect on loading via Libload? maybe i should not collect the level of the game from groups and make it a regular static grid?

Yes, it’s strange the old engine handles loading faster, but I think it’s better to spend time fixing errors in upbge now, and not go back to the old versions, maybe Mr. Cotaks is right and I just made a mistake somewhere - maybe I added an object with logic, or an object with a script or an object with animation from the old bge file version 2.79 and this action make loading long now :размышляющий:

Hello Mr. Cotaks you were absolutely right that the long download was caused by a conflict of different blend files - I reworked the level for dynamic loading using Liblad() using only models, armatures, links, animations that are made in UPBGE 0.2.4 and everything loaded in 5 seconds the level became larger but it loaded very quickly-Thank you for your advice! and even on my weak laptop, everything loaded in 10-12 seconds, I believe that this topic can be closed thanks to you, we were able to solve this problem - Thank you! :+1: :смайлик:


No problem glad i could help, closing topics is not a thing here, however you can edit your first post and select an other post as the answer.