UPBGE not loading

Hi, I’m working on a project using UPBGE 0.3, and I can use it in one computer, everything works, but in a laptop, I can’t get it to work, the specs are as follows:

Acer Aspire E5-523
AMD A9-9410 Radeon R5, COMPUTE CORES 2C + 3G 2.9 GHz
Windows 10 x64

I can open the official blender 2.9, but for some reason, UPBGE won’t run there. Also I have a clean Windows installation.

I’ve tried different buids, installing VCRedist Packages, I’ve tried Pasting openGL32.dll on the folder, and still the same problem, running as administrator, reinstalling drivers and even copying a variety of DLL’s some people suggested over internet forums. It would be very appreciated if someone could tell me if there is something I’m missing to install or configure.

in the UPBGE folder you have a file called “blender_debug_log.cmd”. Could you execute that file and copy the 2 .txt files generated here?

Thank you, it generates only one file, but inside it, it directs to a second one, I’ve uploaded both.
I can see that there is an exception on atio6azz.dll, and found over internet that it is related to ati drivers not updated correctly. But it seems weird since the official Blender build works fine and it has drivers from Acer support page, I will try again with drivers and see if that fix the problem.

blender.crash.txt (7.0 KB) blender_debug_output.txt (636 Bytes)