UPBGE officially dead

(AFWS) #1

So when you BGE/UPBGE lovers gonna join the Armory train? I see UPBGE is finally dead.


(Daedalus_MDW) #2

so in what way is this a positive influence on the blenderartists community?

if people want to use bge then let them. no one is lying about the current state of upbge, and this link proves transparency. so leave us alone, and let people make up their own minds.

posts like this are little more than flame bait or slander.

(CYNIC78) #3

Even in this case i will stick with BGE. Only place i could go is Godot, but atm BGE is best for me. It has so many good tutorials and it has great templates. So why should i go?

(Thomas Murphy) #4

UPBGE and BGE are both not dead. I just tested them and they run just fine on my computer. Maybe you mean they are no longer being improved or worked on by their current developers?

Remember this is open source.

Maybe you will become the one to carry on developing and improving these engines?

(BeerBaron) #5

That’s pretty much what “dead” means when it comes to software.

Once a project is dead, the probability of it getting revived are extremely slim. Software developers generally aren’t scavengers looking for dead projects.


Nobody in this thread is mocking anything. We all can share hopeful feelings about technology we care about, but the reality is that sometimes, software dies. It’s not going to software heaven. It’s gonna stay at Github, or Sourceforge, or Google Code until someday, somebody shuts down that server.

It’s kind of like a pet. You can mourn its passing. You shouldn’t pretend that it’s not dead. Under any circumstance, you should not bury it in an ancient Indian burial ground, in the hopes of a mystical resurrection. Sure, the pet may come back to live, but it will not be the same.

(FinalBarrage) #6

This thread is a seed of nothing good waiting to shoot out. Im locking it. Please dont mock a part of your own community because something they really care about seems to have reached its end.

I personally have no feelings towards UPBGE, but that dont mean i dont care about the part of the community that does.

I hope someone picks it up and continues the development.

(FinalBarrage) closed #7