UPbge.org site inaccessible

I was visiting the UPBGE website and it was off the air with the following message ‘UPBGE web test - Dummy for UPBGE Web’. Could someone tell me if it’s temporary or is it definitely off the air?

it will be the new page soon, old page ended.


@Cotaks is right.

The new page is a work in progress, except that I don’t know who is really working on it.

Open to contributions: https://github.com/UPBGE/UPBGE-Web/tree/gh-pages


Thanks for the answers. I suspected that something had happened since a few days ago google and firefox informed me that they had hijacked the url and tried to steal data.

No hijack, just a SSL certificate that needs to be renewed every year, but the main developer left the project sometime early this year. So the certificate expired and no one else was able to renew it.

@lordloki76 created this new repository and handed over administration rights to it to a few people that are still active, so now it is up to new people that care about UPBGE to keep the flame lit.

@UnidayStudio said that he was working on a new landing page for UPBGE, so hopefully we will be able to upload his work on the new website.

But the good news is that since the new website is hosted using GitHub pages, it should be easier for people to contribute, as well as transferring rights to the repo to other people in the future :slight_smile: