Simple PBR demo made with a UPBGE 0.2x release.


cool, now make a game :grin:


how is this pbr? I don’t see how roughness, metalness and so on are used here.
Still looks like diffuse and specular workflow to me.
Still nice, just doesn’t seem to compare to pbr in other engines.

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to make proper PBR in older 2.79x engine- someone needs to include parralax corrected cubemaps that are mixed using tehtrehdron / barycentric transform

this can be prebaked and even some probes updated in realtime (closest X probes?)


this would be a new mode for ‘environment map’

LOL I can barely get lowres reflections without a driver shutdown; static envomap all the way, or just plain sphere mapping like a champ if it’s a small prop.

I know someone had a good setup for PBR with nodes on 2.7x but I can’t remember their name. Maybe it was NautPlay? I’m not sure. Last shader I made is an ‘okay’ approximation but it only really works if you generate textures through my pipeline, which is a little unorthodox.

All true. I actually started out with some of the materials [gold] with roughness/metallic set to 0.0, but couldn’t resist a good, shiny materials showcase for first impressions. Will try to go for a more accurate showcase next update. Thanks for the honest feedback. : - )

Correct, I’m going to try implementing cubemaps for the next showcase.

I believe you were referring to @adriansnetlis’s PBR node series: