UPBGE performance

Can we make a game with good graphics such as gta v in upbge?


short answer is no.

long answer: maybe. upbge lacks advanced light processing (simply put) to allow many lights to be used, along with that, a lack of SSR and other pbr necessities. to the skilled and determined, it could be possible to get something nice looking after exploiting every ounce of the upbge.

upbge eevee (0.3.0 experimental) is a much more ideal choice for graphics since its fully eevee enabled. but you will also be losing a massive amount of fps (due to the highly inefficient eevee for realtime) and also suffer instability and bugs from being on a cutting edge codebase.

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Streaming_The_grid2.blend (1.7 MB)
you have to use many tricks though.

here is a nice solid base to stand on*

@Daedalus_MDW could make amazing upbge 0.3.0 games too if he gave it a little more time :3

I present a bag of many tricks.

GTA 1 would be easier to pull off for sure.

for GTA 5 - do you have a few million dollars worth of models / coding time laying around ?

HAHAHAH! exactly!

You can have an open world, but you need to setup a system that allows for it. This system needs to be capable of a few things; for one, managing the player frustum, loading and unloading cells as they are needed, a fair bit of object/data management to make changes persistent, and that’s off the top of my head.

And that’s the technical side, you also need to make a world.

Relating to pretty graphics, yes you can have them too. Future’s End by Mark Telles comes to mind, no?

On the side of performace, you need a lot of hacks c: but that’s only generals of gamedev.

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UPBGE is an excellent game engine, what limits the graphics or the performance is your knowledge, you can make games even more beautiful than the GTA itself and keep a good performance, the question is, for that you will need help from third parties, unless you know how to create shaders, models, textures, high quality design yourself, games with big investments are constantly developing their own technologies and incorporating in engines to improve performance, you will have to do the same, in team or alone, in short, it is up to you to acquire the necessary knowledge for this…

But keep in mind that GTA is a bad example for you to aim for, aim for simple games with good stories, GTA has millions of dollars of investment, you don’t have that, focus on possible …


Thank you. as you say It is hard to make open world games. However can we make a game like dungeon defenders?

2021 අගෝ 29, ඉරිදා 11.53 PM දින Desenvolvedor _ via Blender Artists Community <[email protected]> ලිව්වා:

Thank you.

2021 අගෝ 30, සඳුදා 8.16 AM දින Dilruksh Prabashwara <[email protected]> ලිව්වා:

it’s all on you

a amazing looking game is possible,
also eevee is in full rewrite, wrapping SSGI and raytracing

Dungeon Defenders is possible since you simplify a little going offline and with less resources, it is perfectly possible to do it yourself, by the way there is a developer who did something similar in a short time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp4wyTSUoB8

I recommend you use the Horror/Terror genre like slender, amnesia etc… to study the engine and its possibilities, so when you are well familiarized with the engine, you can try larger projects and not make simple mistakes as you have already tested many possibilities in a project smaller…

I can’t fail to mention, if you’re a first-time developer, don’t skip steps, most devs skip study steps and that’s why projects fail, you must first learn to model, after all you don’t have thousands of dollars to hire freelancers to model your assets, so you need to master this first

  • asset modeling
  • UV Mapping
  • Mesh flow
  • Retopology
  • Texturing
  • Bake, High to low "the most important technique to gain performance

two good examples, the ax reduced the amount of polygons drastically, and the scenario I didn’t use lamps, it’s all bake, which allowed 120+ even with a nice look, could make long maps like that…

  • lighting

Then you start to study game design ( https://www.gamedeveloper.com/design/8-tips-techniques-for-designing-levels ), scenario blocking, gameplay, programming, and practice in the engine, but keep in mind that modeling and textured/bake well is a requirement for all projects…

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Thank you :hugs:

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This isn’t a game, it’s just a room with some content in it. There is no even sound in it. It’s made in UPBGE. Just wanted to see how it would look, and share it with everyone interested.

If anyone downloads it, would be nice to know how it behaves on quite old PCs.



all that is needing is some proper trim board / polish.

great work.


Thanks a lot! :smiley: :+1:

Wooow. It seems realistic.:heart_eyes:

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Thank You! :smiley: :+1:
People wrongly expect the game engine to do the whole job but in fact, it has always been about how good the content looks. Just look at “Dear Esther” made in Source or “The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter” that looked good not because it was made in UE but because it used scanned models. Also 2d games like “Braid”, “Hollow Knight” and so on…
I thought that “Rocket League” is made in UE4 but it’s UE3. I thought that “Firewatch” is made in UE but it’s Unity…
The most important question for the indie developer is “Which game engine do I feel the most comfortable with and allows me to make games quicker and easier?”


Thank you. These days I make an open world game in UPBGE

2021 අගෝ 31, අඟහ 6.22 PM දින Musa via Blender Artists Community <[email protected]> ලිව්වා:

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do you post your progress anywhere? :slightly_smiling_face:

You can create any game with any level of graphics, with any mechanics and models - the question is not posed correctly for how long will an independent developer (INDI) do this? one year? five years? at the top is an example that martins upitis made about eleven years ago - the graphics look very good at the present time, but no games based on this example have been made yet in bge/upbge - everything is just AAA class games require AAA millions of dollars for development. My friend the artist constantly says to beginners who are trying to make GTA or Skyrim on any engine alone-do not waste time - it’s better to make a simple 2d or 3d game with small locations with the same enthusiasm, ambition and enthusiasm get your own money and gradually grow up to projects like GTA - my friend who did Nibiru Fantastic Space on unity spent about 89 380 dollars on buying models and hiring programmers, but he could not optimize his project until the end of the scene there are loaded for a very long time and not for this game works on computers and the most interesting thing is that he only recently beat off the costs of its production - just think about it big games are equal to big money invested

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Thank you for helping me. :pray::heart::heart:

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I can turn on atmosphere scattering built in if I wish. https://youtu.be/8pcY8TeH-7E

Note this is on a single thread in py,
With a C++ wizard we could use the uv cords of the control mesh to sculpt.

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