UPBGE Photorealistic Tech-demo

For a few days, I have created almost photorealistic technological demo with 2d filters in blender distribution - UPBGE.
First screens :slight_smile:

What do you think about that? What else could I add?


Amaizing! What is the fps?

Oh damn! :smiley: I almost thought that first picture was something from cycles :).

it looks nice, but what stands out for me is the car is too clean…no abrasions from buffing or anything…and a bit of imperfection to the paint and you will have me sold that it is more realistic.

you would also be surprised how well a little dust in some places around the room add to the realism. It also breaks up the specularity of some materials which helps a lot.

The office space looks a bit generic, but it is background so you can just add some textures without having to add geometry…

maybe add a point lamp in the vicinity of the car to get a bit of color bleed off that strong red diffuse. It may take more than one and some tinkering to get right…also add a few where the light comes in and hits the concrete…

Overall you have some nice skills though…good modeling and texturing throughout(aside from the office :slight_smile: )…the paint flung on the wall and running down looks good and those tread marks are a really nice touch :wink:

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That looks great!
Don’t forget to add the AO into the texture, you can see what a difference it makes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb8FhXNurho

Great graphics! Don’t forget to write some Depth of Field, Bloom and Light Scattering shaders… It will make a lot of difference!

Fake atmosphere using depth transparency may be cool,

I was thinking some sort of volumetric god rays would be cool one day,

Use a reflection stencil to add a little dirt /smudges to the reflection, and a spec map etc.

Try using angle of normals to apply different mip map levels of reflection, do the same with a map
(smudges / blur etc)

On my GeForcer 9500 GT OC in 720p its about 4-5 (OMG) but I try to make better performance

Of corse, more ralism :smiley:

I searching good shaders like DoF and GodRays with good performance and nice looking, I remerber about this :slight_smile: but… You know good bloom shader?

I try to add yourideas

Anyway thank you for very much for positive opinions :slight_smile:

This looks pretty cool. You might want to try adding secondary light sources with varying colors and intensities to help add some lighting contrast.

Nice, now lets see behind the scenes.

That was all thanks to 2D filter?! O.o WOW

Amazing Job man, I ever know I’ll see this someday with bge/upbge.

Not only with 2D filters… It use extra textures like normal maps, specular maps, AO maps, ENV textures and much more

I’ve got a new PC so lets make video presentation…

What’s eating up all the logic? The 2D filters? If you don’t mind sharing the blend I’d like to have a play and see if I can’t get that down a bit.
Also, I think the red frames attached to the wall are rather fluro. Normally that type of red shelving is a relatively dark red (I think).
Other than that, it looks fantastic!

Looks fantastic!

Hello! This screenshots are amazing. @ThePajlok: Would you be ok that we take one of your screenshot to do our splashscreen for upbge 0.1.9?
(if there is no problem with licenses of the models etc…). If there is just a license to mention the author, we can add credits directly on the picture. Thanks very much!

Yeah! Of corse

Any other News?
For this month?


A this moment i working in my real work and i have really no time to work on it now but i try to add sth more

very good I liked and subscribed to your channel…