Upbge physic velocity and gravity

It’s strange behaviour.
Some object you add vertical force upper, it will jump and fall down with gravity.
You add logicnodes, and set velocity on X for example when press a key, it will move on X, when you don’t press key, the object fall to ground but very slowly like gravity does not affect it.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour ?
(This is not an issue, as i don’t need both behaviours mixed, or i oculd just re apply a small force after no velocity is setup) ot make gravity work again).

bug, but it’s there for years so i woud actually say expected behaviour.

damping setting slows all forces applied, including gravity.

also to remember to account for mass in you calculation

this will apply a custom gravity vector and counter the scene gravity in one step
owner.applyForce( (self.gravity-scene.gravity)*owner.mass, False)

I started a new empty scene wit a cube , and the behaviour is correct : the object has gravity even after no more velocity is applied. It’s strange.