Upbge pip install error


Even after installing the module I need it can not recognize that it exists, someone can give me a light


Sorry but I haven’t tried pip to install modules because I don’t feel it to be an ideal way to manage dependencies for a UPBGE project.

If you are using a separate portable Blender installation per each project, then installing modules directly using pip could be an acceptable option. For now, in order to use external modules, you’ll need to install them at the same directory as your .blend file is, or use scripts/modules under one of the system paths.

Personally, I’m using pipenv with a bit convoluted method to do it, however, it’s quite a hassle to setup at the moment, so I’m trying to figure out if there could be a way to improve the user experience on this matter.

In the examples for that library, you import it like this:
import speech_recognition as sr

Does that work?