[UPBGE] Random City Generator

Hello! Here’s a project I’ve been working on, just for fun: a Random City Generator.
It actually just adds random objects (streets, buildings, houses, fences, etc) following a set of rules. For now it’s working pretty nice, I’m just adding content to it. It’s meant to look like a Playstation 1 game, so don’t complain about the graphics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Images and demo video at the bottom of the post. Feel free to work on it, use the script and assets, request new features and so on, it’s a work for the community. :eyebrowlift:

The current TODO and features list is the following:

  • Add given number of streets with rules [COMPLETED]
  • Add buildings at given spawn points with random colors [COMPLETED]
  • Model new buildings [COMPLETED]
  • Model and fit posts and its wires [COMPLETED]
  • Add fences [COMPLETED]
  • Add skybox [COMPLETED]
  • Add character to explore city [COMPLETED]
  • Add trees and plazas
  • Add car to explore city
  • Implement minimap
  • Add cars and pedestrians with simple AI
  • Implement dynamic loading of scenery

Repository: https://github.com/joelgomes1994/upbge_random_city_generator

Could you add dynamic terrain loading?so the city can be bigger.And make it so that people can specify how big they you want the city to be.it could be done with properties.

Yes, I already thought about adding dynamic loading, it wouldn’t be that hard after the random streets algorithm (which I spent some days to figure out how to do). :spin:

What would be better: the terrain data is generated according to the player movement (harder, unlimited terrain size) or the data is pre generated, and just added to the game (easier, must specify the map size)?

I like the terrain data is generated according to the player movement (harder, unlimited terrain size)idea.

Thanks for the feedback, it’s already added to the TODO list, and soon I’ll work on it. :wink:

For the watchers: currently I’m making small changes, adding features and improvements daily, so the project may be pretty different after some days. I’m on vacation, and although I intend to work on BGMC, I will not stop this project, I have time for this. Keep your repository clone updated to track the latest features. :wink:

Who knows what this project could become? :smiley:

this would be great to combine with my helicopter rescue and firefighting helicoptergame. i got a bge game on hold because i had problems generating a city.

Nice! You’re free to use the current script in your project, or wait until the dynamic loading feature. I hope this project helps other projects to advance. Thanks for the interest. :wink: