UPBGE Realtime ray tracing and the nvidia 3000 series?

So I’ve seen the minecraft demo on the new nvdia 3000 series using the real time ray tracing, and it looks stunning. So that got me wondering, what would it take to get upbge to take advantage of this new hardware? I feel like this would be a great thing for the engine, it would be easy to creat visually accurate scenes in real time… I can already take half an hour and setup some basic lighting on a ship from start trek and make it look render quality with eevee. So I’m thinking that having access to this new hardware on the software side would be a big graphical upgrade. I’m not sure what it would take to be able to take advantage of this, but it would be awesome to see this in the future. Im guessing that if the blender team decides to implement this into blended then I guess upbge would get it by default eventually???
I’m curious to see what other people’s thoughts would be on this.

short answer, no

long answer, maybe. the upbge eevee project aims to decouple bge from blender so it can run on any rendering engine the bf puts out. so if eevee gets rtx, then so will upbge. but be warned, upbge-eevee (0.3.0) is still quite experimental and works quite differently than 2.7x versions. not everything has been smoothed out.

I’d like about upage 2.2.5, but, is blender decides to add rtx in blender 2.9 or above, then upbeat will surely use it in upbge 03x

short answer no, means i highly doubt the upbge team will spend the time to add such a huge thing by themselves.

i heard work on 0.2.5 is pretty much over, so far just keeping 0.3.0 working with each new patch is proving challenging enough. im genuinely concerned for the long term sustainability of the project.

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